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At Kembel Web Design we understand that content is king. From design, to content, to images to marketing. We will not only deploy your site with fully copy-written content but have proven methods that will help you keep your own website up to date and optimized for targeting your clients. Simply put, we make search engines love you! Contact us to find out how we can help you get started!

Helping you take charge of your online brand!


Kembel Web Design is a full service website solution for small, medium and enterprise business. No matter what solution fits for you, we can help! While we specialize in state of the art WordPress websites that allow businesses to take charge of their own sites, we can help with any other web based product. From custom .NET applications, to HTML5 updates, photo refreshes, integrations, SEO and so much more! Let us help you reach your ideal world online!

Custom Wordpress Plugins!


Are you needing a new feature to your WordPress website that the existing plugins just aren’t doing quite right? Whether it is a simple update, feature request or a complete custom plugin, our developers can make your dream a reality! With simple to use back end forms, we can make it simple and easy to do everything require! Utilizing core WordPress features, our plugins almost never had any issue with site updates!

Custom Application Development!


It is becoming increasingly more difficult every year to find a single company that can not only support small business WordPress or CMS needs, but to also be able to meet the requirements of larger business or even enterprise class companies with custom application development. Our unique and skilled and developers can bring even the most complex applications to life!

Monthly Upkeep

One of the most overlooked, yet most important parts of building your online brand is keeping your website up to date! Not only with content and information but most importantly with security, the code, SEO trends, link building, etc. How often are you updating plugins, how often is your theme updated, how often are you monitoring Google's changes in SEO? What about security? Everyone always thinks "Oh I won't get hacked. Why would someone hack me?" Well, that isn't how it works. If you have a … [Read More...]

Copy-Write Training

So the word SEO is getting thrown around A LOT. What is the number one thing that Google will rank your site one? Is it links? It is code? Is it magic? NO! It is what is called Click Through. Plain and simple, the more people that search for something, see you, and then click on your website from Google and STAY on your site, the higher Google will rank you. So how do you do that? Well, you copy write your content! You make sure that your content is targeted not just for as many people as … [Read More...]

Preset Packages

While we do have preset pricing. All of our jobs are custom quoted. Contact us to build the best package to fit your needs!

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